Way of WingChun

Watch a mini-documentary on the origins of our WingChun style with Sifu Klaus Brand, Founder of the International Academy of WingChun.

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Women of WingChun

WingChun Self-Defense is for men and women alike. Hear the stories of four of our female students. Find out why they train and what they gain.

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Welcome To WingChun.

Join our diverse community of everyday people to train WingChun. We upgrade your skills, knowledge and confidence through fun, safe and cooperative practice together.

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Learn to Defend Yourself.

WingChun gives you new skills, greater knowledge and more confidence.


Technique is the key. Optimize your alignment, balance and coordination for any situation.


Powerfully connect to yourself. Create and feel energy move through your whole body.


Overcome hesitation and indecision. Improve your reflexes and increase your efficiency.


Stand tall, walk strong. Gain the assurance to trust your abilities wherever you go.

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